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PCC Student Services Building

The Student Services Building (SSB) was built in 1996 and was showing its age in terms of tired paint, worn carpet and old furniture. Beyond that, however, the design of the building was not serving the present needs of the campus. This remodel consisted of technical and acoustical upgrades, infrastructure updates and office space renovations.

In the lobby on the first floor, an Answer Center was created where students can easily access all vital services in one place. Work on the first floor also included updating office space for Counseling, Advising and Career Services, as well as pushing out an exterior wall to gain natural light to improve much needed lounge area seating.

An Orientation Center was created on the second floor as well as a newly renovated Testing Center to include three distraction-free testing rooms. The Community Education area was expanded on this floor as well as a brand new telecom room to serve the building’s technology needs. On the third floor, new offices for the math faculty were built.

The last major improvement was the creation of a new vestibule, giving a clear arrival path for visitors as well as sourcing plenty of natural light and aiding in temperature control which had been a past issue.

Project Manager Michael Strachan shared his own views on the completed project:

“The results of the renovation are subtle but functional, and should serve PCC’s needs at the SSB long into the future,” he said. “Ultimately, the most pleasing result in my mind, is seeing members of the local community comfortably utilizing the finished space as it’s intended.”

City of Portland Justice Center – 11th and 12th Floor Improvements

The Justice Center’s 11th floor underwent a much needed face-lift as it serves as the busy work environment for the police department. The copy room was updated to allow for new equipment to move in and the mail area was improved. Additional offices were added, the breakroom was renovated and new cabinetry was installed. The Police Captain’s office space doubled in size and a special changing area was added. This entire floor was installed with new data and alarm wiring.

On the 12th floor Pacificmark remodeled the previous photo lab by modernizing it into a state-of-the-art digital forensics space designed by the occupying lab technicians themselves. This work consisted of interior demolition, new walls, new ACT ceiling frames/tiles, floor leveling, new carpet and upgrades to the electrical and HVAC systems. Nearby holding cells were also renovated and given a two-part epoxy to eliminate occupants from vandalism.

PCC Sylvania Kiln Yard Expansion

This project was a sizable renovation of the 1,680 SF Kiln Yard at Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus. Improvements consisted of the demolition of existing structures, concrete paving, storm water planter furnishing, fence installation, landscaping, roof and supporting structure construction, the completion of two chimney’s and a reduction chamber for the college’s new Raku kiln.

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